First posted April 30, 2108

A wise man once told me that “When attempting to anticipate the future, one does well to reflect upon history”.  The modern history of revolution always involves a disaffected group, usually Proletariat, that can be emotionally organized to critical mass and then hijacked by a small group of manipulators for their political purposes.

The first communist overthrow was the French Revolution where the nobles lived lavishly while their subjects got nothing.  When told that the peasants were starving, Marie Antoinette famously said, “Let them eat cake”.  The peasants then organized, overpowered the monarchy and cut off their heads.

In Russia, the Tsar and nobles lived in extreme opulence while their population got nothing.  In the early 1900’s, seeds of discontent worried the Tsar about his survival so he initiated reforms to help the people, sort of.  But it was too late, the movement had reached critical mass.  A large group of domestic communists (Mensheviks) forced the Tsar out of power.  For a brief time, the country was run by a Provisional government (leftover capitalists) who shared power with the Mensheviks.

At that time in the revolution, a group of 19 people known as Bolshevik global communists were living in the West, mostly New York. With funding and logistical support from Wall Street front man Jacob Schiff and with the enabling of Woodrow Wilson, the small group of Bolsheviks went to Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg) and hijacked the revolution.  Once the Bolsheviks had consolidated their power via the period of Red Terror, they turned on their own people and killed the Provisional and Menshevik leaders.  After a few years, a group of sailors at the Kronstadt naval base, who were instrumental in bringing Bolsheviks to power, recognized that the Bolsheviks were frauds and revolted.  Their Kronstadt Rebellion was crushed and those involved were executed.  What followed was 73 years of misery and oppression all because the Tsar refused to share even a little bit with the common people.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an avid conservative and constitutionalist. But, I believe that I have a healthy dose of pragmatism and social responsibility.  For some time, Arizona has been governed by an executive and legislature that is a particular brand of conservatism.  Perhaps it is a remnant of the old West mentality of survival of the fittest.  The Governor has well-known ambitions to be President of the US and plans to get there with a reputation of not just low taxes, but no taxes.  Meanwhile, he aligns himself with his power base, a small group of wealthy business-persons that provide his support while seemingly ignoring the remainder of the State’s population.  If educating the masses is a casualty of his resume-building while the well-to-do children attend private schools (soon with public vouchers), no problem.  As recently as last week, he essentially told the proletariat interested in education to “Go eat cake”.  A mere two days later, he began feeling his mortality and offered frantic words of placation.  But, it was too late, the proletariat reached critical mass and they know his true persuasions.  Is this sounding familiar?

Now, it is alleged with very persuasive evidence that the teachers’ strike and protest has been organized by two young out-of-stators with Marxist backgrounds. I have noted for several years that the national Progressive (Marxist) movement has targeted Texas and Arizona as their trophy objectives.  If those two states can be turned, they have won the national revolution.  Today, in both states, they are at the threshold of making that a reality.  If so, just like all of such history, the Arizona Republican Party, their power structure and the Governor will have only themselves to blame for turning Arizona Democratic.  Arizonans want their children to someday afford steak, not just cake.  They should have studied history!

Dr. Chip Howard is an Independent Candidate for Arizona Governor. His Arizona Education Reformation Plan may be read at