Why do Independent voters constitute nearly the largest block of voters in Arizona (and potentially the most power)?  Have we abandoned the Parties, ….. or, have the Parties abandoned us?  Both are true.  Voters have largely abandoned the Parties because they are disgusted by the Party’s interest in and service to …… the Parties with no apparent interest in the People.

  • Independent Voter 33.99% 33.99%
  • Republican 34.63% 34.63%
  • Democrats 30.30% 30.30%
  • Libertarian .88% .88%
  • Green .20% .20%

It is the sole responsibility of politicians to represent the People but they have abandoned us.  Hence, we will not give them the satisfaction of receiving any illusion of allegiance from us, period.  When their true actual interest is only in their personal selves and/or the Party machines (and the special interests that shower them with money), we Independents are speaking.  We are charting our own directions, our visions of what is right for the People and are about to exercise our massive political power..

Please follow this forum to keep in touch with the feelings and issues that are important to “We the People” without regard to the politicians and parties that have failed us.  Let’s make our lives better and stop serving politicians, parties and their financial special interests. The State and Country are about Us, not Them.

Ask not what you can do for your political Parties, ask that politicians do what they are obligated to do for the People.