Very few policies or actions by Trump have disappointed me.  To name them;
  • Providing anti-tank weapons to Ukraine.  Thank you John McCain!  It is not possible for ANYONE to beat Russia on Russia’s border (and just how would that benefit the American people?).  If we sell Ukraine a gun, Russia will bring in a bigger gun.  The result, a lot of dead people, nothing more, period (except one more chance to poke the evil Russia).
  • Launching missiles against Syria in response to their use of chemical weapons.  Then, a couple weeks ago, we found out that it actually may not have been the Syrians that did it.  Now that is just swell!  Another false flag by our neocon intelligence services?
  • Bringing John Bolton into the administration.  The only time that he is an asset is if you want to start a war before noon.  He is certainly the man for that job.       Even Trump said on the weekend news (June 23) that John would start a war with everyone and all at the same time.
  • Reportedly on the orders of John Bolton, some weeks ago we amassed serious forces (another carrier group and B-52s) on the doorstep of Iran in response to the interception of a threat from Iran.  I don’t know if this was or wasn’t legitimate but I will start believing John Bolton right after he finds his WMD’s in Iraq.
  • Now, taking us to the edge of war with Iran.  If we go to war with Iran (or anywhere else in the middle east), our country as we know it and the MAGA movement will end (maybe an establishment motive here?).   And for what purpose?  Let me ask again, for what purpose?  As the attached article describes, the American (no, make that the globalist neocons) position is that we should militarily attack Iran because they put explosive mines on oil tankers.  The evidence … we have a grainy video of an Iranian navy boat supposedly removing a mine from a ship.  Now wait a moment, our navy removed a mine from a ship last week so, by extrapolation using the same logic, doesn’t that mean that we mined the ships?   Iran, vehemently denies any involvement and claims that this is another American false flag to be used as a predicate to waging war against them.  I would bet the entire farm on the Iranians as being the tellers of truth here, which means that I believe that our government claims are … not true.  Precedent supports my suspicions.
Last week, Iran shot down a spy drone. We claimed that the plane was over international waters so that is just cause to militarily attack Iran. The President’s security council unanimously voted to attack, thankfully President Trump over-ruled them. The Iranians claim that the plane was over their territory.   Who is correct? Well, if the plane was over international water, why are the Iranians in possession of the wreckage? Was this an effort to bait Iran into confrontation which would then be used as predicate for us to attack (which we almost did)? This all begs the question, why are we engaged in this game of cowboy and Iranian? We are told that we need keep the shipping lanes open for global commerce. And just why is that our job to be the global policeman? We have all of the oil that we need in North America. So, we are really protecting the oil supply lines for Europe, India and China. Why? As Trump campaigned, how about letting them take care of their own business for a change and at their expense? Seeing Mike Pompeo on television this last week essentially telling us that we need to go to war, I found to be absolutely sickening.  Earlier, I had faith that Mike Pompeo was going to be a very good asset as Secretary of State.  No more.  He has now proven to be not an asset but perhaps (along with John Bolton) our worst fears.  As of today, I consider the best analogy for Mike Pompeo to be one of his predecessors, Dean Rusk, and we know what followed his Gulf of Tonkin false flag. Trump campaigned on his philosophy of not engaging is stupid wars in far away places that have no relevance to the wellbeing of the American people.  It is now required that he fire both Bolton and Pompeo before they start something that can’t be stopped.  If this is a high-wire game of chicken for some obscure purpose, it is too dangerous a game to play.   Please read Pat Buchanan’s article below for his infinite wisdom on the subject.