AZ Governor’s Leadership on Education  –  Absent  by Design

Surrogates will do the dirty work!

Whatever you think about the need for more or less funding for education, we rely on the Governor for leadership in this and other matters, even if it may not be well-received by everyone.  Making tough calls is his/her job and responsibility.  That is called LEADERSHIP.  A ten-year ballot proposition (Proposition 301) which added 0.5% to Arizona sales tax for the specific purpose of funding education is soon to expire.  Should it be renewed or should education loose much of its current funding?  As the State’s executive and “education governor”, our current Governor has a leadership responsibility in this matter.  As of today  –  SILENCE!

In his absence as a leader, I understand his position as a “politician”.  When he ran for office, he fronted two issues (1) tax cuts for business every year, and (2) be the Governor to resurrect education from its current dismal state.  On the second point, he offered a “Vision”.

Tax cuts for businesses, bingo, he has done that.  Regarding education, anything beyond
“vision”, well, can you think of anything?  Nope, neither can I.  Sorry, talk and visions don’t count, only results.

But one thing is for certain, an election is coming up next year so there has to be some sign of “delivering the goods” just in time to be the hero.  But here is the dilemma, how do you fund education by renewing and expanding a tax when you promised to reduce taxes?

Easy, have your best buddies (Chamber of Commerce, etc) propose it!  Brilliant!  A group of the usual business leaders are even proposing to up the anti by funding a ballot proposition to increase the sales tax for education from the current (and soon to expire) 0.5 percent to 1.5 percent.  These guys must really want to educate children!

So, how does this play out?  If the citizens vote in favor of the increase, the exuberance will rub off on the Governor and his vision will be on the way to realization.  Isn’t he great!  Re-election!   If the citizens vote against the increase, well, he tried his best but the people of Arizona are to blame for the failure of his vision to be realized.  Maybe next time.  Re-election!  And if it all blows up in outrage (especially from the no-tax chorus), hey, it wasn’t my idea!

Again, brilliant manipulation of the citizens of Arizona which must be what it takes to be present on inauguration day.  But, rather than winning by treating us like sheep, I would prefer LEADERSHIP.  But, that would require courage and honesty.

Just a dirty little side-note for the business leaders that proposed the sales tax increase, they will continue getting their tax decreases.  However, sales tax increases disproportionally affect middle and lower-income citizens (us sheep), not so much them.  We are awash in brilliance!