By Chip Howard, PhD


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What in the world is going on with the Ukraine scandal? The subject is now occupying nearly 100 percent of our news.  The Democrats are investigating Donald Trumps supposed instructions to the President of Ukraine asking him to investigate corruption relating to Burisma, But what if this is all a sideshow with the true evil hiding in plain sight.

Here is the very condensed version of what the Obama administration is showing us and what they don’t want us to see.  For a full explanation, please see the Full Story linked above.

The Money Trail That We Are Shown

It all seems quite simple.  The US gave 1.8 billion dollars to Burisma to develop natural gas resources.  The money passed through PrivetBank as did many government dispersals.   Burisma is owned by a guy named Zlochevsky and PrivetBank is owned by an oligarch named Ihor Kolomolsky.  Hunter Biden got 3+ million dollars on the side but, hey, what is a little grease among friends.  But the big mystery is, “What happened to the money?”.   A prosecutor that was investigating was fired at the request of the US Amdassador, Victoria Nuland and of course, Joe Biden who held a billion dollars of aid grants hostage until the guy was fired.  The new Prosecutor ordered investigations of Burisma, Biden and Soros to be off limits.

Could all of these flagrant demands for “no investigation” be only about protecting the Bidens and the mystery of the missing money?  That defies reason.  Especially now that the Democrats want to get rid of Biden.  Also, that much money falls through the cracks all the time, sadly.   And now we want to impeach a president because he wants Burisma investigated?  A reasonable person has to believe that something much, much larger is hidden behind Burisma.

The Frightening Monster Likely Being Hidden – The Burisma Decoy

There is an obvious picture (theory) first proposed here that that is hiding in plain sight. All of the facts surrounding Ukraine since 2014 support this picture and none of the evidence contradicts it.  Suppose the neocons running the United States, particularly the “deep state”, wanted to continue geographically and militarily isolating Russia, one more step in the eastward expansion of NATO described above.  The Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations clearly said that they wanted to bring Ukraine and Georgia into NATO.  The big obstacle and strategic pivot point of the whole Black Sea neighborhood is Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol and other bases in Crimea.  Those had to go, better yet, they could be converted into NATO bases and Russian influence (and self-defense) in the region would be ended.

To make this happen, the Ukraine government that was either East-West neutral or slightly East-leaning had to go.  Attempts to do regime change politically or through subversion failed, hence the need for the Maidan protests.  It takes a lot of money to run a revolution the scope of the Maidan and it had to be channeled in a way that left no Western fingerprints.  Aid grants for energy development made a good disguise when put into the hands of an oligarch that disliked the then government.  The Maidan protests produced only a fading stalemate in spite best baiting efforts from the West including John McCain’s personal address to the Maidan.  So, how about if we cut a deal with and enlist the services of that same major oligarch (Ihor Kolomolsky, owner of PrivetBank) who had all of the ultra-national Ukrainian militia muscle and knew no boundries in using it, even including war crimes.  Research for yourself, this guy is a bad dude.  We then had his militia snipers assassinate both protesters and police in Maidan to break the stalemate with violence and result in the overthrow the democratically-elected government.  In other words, a covert coup.  As pre-orchestrated, the new puppet government was controlled by and in debt to it’s U.S. creators.

The US-sponsored militia violence didn’t end when regime change was finished.  The militias went southeast on the attack into the almost-exclusively ethnic Russian Donbass provinces.  In response, the locals formed militias and it was game-on, the result being death and destruction.  Russian citizens with the discrete support of Russian military came to the aid of their Russian brothers. The oligarch then took up the governorship in the city adjacent to Donbass from which to coordinate the militia activities though under the pretext of preventing exfiltration by “Russian” militias.  As the militias continued south toward Crimea, the locals in Crimea formed militias, blockaded the isthmus and prevented infiltration by the ultra-Ukrainian militias.  The grand plan was permanently foiled when Russia drew the predictable line in the sand, beefed up it’s already-present military, held elections and absorbed Crimea into the Russian Federation.   Game over in Crimea to the great celebration of the Crimean citizens.

The militias then went on the propaganda attack throughout Novo Russia in attempt to create hatred for everything and everyone Russian.  All statues and symbolism of Russia were destroyed.  They created relatively small acts of violence that was blamed on Russian agents to further the propaganda efforts.  The murder of dozens of local pro-Russian sympathizers during one day in Odessa became a last straw and rallying issue for pro-Russian militias in Donbass.

With the violence faded, the indebted Kiev government was called on to assist the Obama administration in ensuring that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election.  Representatives form the DNC pushed that agenda particularly relating to Paul Manafort and tried to develop a story line of Trump-Russia collusion.   Two Ukrainian officials were convicted and jailed for making “an illegal intrusion into the American election campaign”.  It is likely that Ukraine will be found to have played a major role in the creation of the Russia collusion hoax.  These matters are currently under investigation by the Department of Justice.

Any attempts to investigate corruption regarding Burisma or other related matters were met with vigorous objection from US officials, Joe Biden in particular.  The investigations were declared to be off limits and Joe Biden demanded that the main General Prosecutor be fired or he would not give Ukraine 1 billion dollars.  In Joe’s words, “Son of a bitch, he got fired”.

There is one big problem that threatens to expose the deep criminal acts by the Obama administration in Ukraine, the election of Donald Trump.  How ironic, the guilty administration paid 1 billion dollars to stop the investigations of itself and then tries to impeach the next administration for asking that the investigations be resumed.

Perhaps the true money trail looks more like this:

I believe that we can conclude that the 1.8 billion dollars of US aid was, by design, a direct payment to Ihor Kolomoisky’s PrivetBank and used to fund the overthrow of the democratically-elected government, turn public sentiment against ethnic-Russian citizens, eject Russia from Crimea and establish Sevastopol as a NATO base.   It is unlikely that any money was intended, or did, go to Burisma.  If any did, the big mystery today is that there is no trace of it.  In late 2016, PrivetBank was nationalized and is no longer owned by Kolomoisky.

The pro-Russian separatists certainly believe this picture and they would be in a better position than anyone to understand who caused this.  It’s odd that our media would never ask the important questions of them.  This video tells the whole story from the eyes of the citizens of Donbass and the lays the entire responsibility for the revolution and violence on Kolomoisky.  Importantly, this video was made before the warfare began in earnest and the pro-Russian militias were beginning to form.  In the second half, the spokesman of the People’s Republic of Donetsk (the separatists’ proposed government) and his colleagues visit the office of the government office of the Executive Debt Committee in Donetsk.  They explain that they want all debt payments to PrivatBank frozen because oligarch Kolomoisky sponsored Maidan, the Odessa massacre and all of the violent revolutionary acts.  As if we couldn’t conclude that on our own (as well as who sponsored Kolomoisky).  As you see, the government, police and citizens all support the separatists.  The office employees even joked, “Can you give us raises?”.

The current preoccupation with Burisma is likely a decoy.  Originally, Hunter Biden and the Christopher Heinz were probably designed to give the company a sanitized appearance so that nobody would look too closely or to intimidate the onset of any investigation.  While we focus on is Burisma, nobody is asking the dangerous questions.  Watch this hand, not the other.  Is it any wonder why the Democrats and Deep State blow a head gasket and any hint of investigation?   Now that Barr and Durham are on the Ukraine trail, the media is portraying them as Trump poodles in the American minds to delegitimize the criminal indictments that they know are on the way.

If this scenario is as true as it appears, there is a special place in Hell for the Obama administration and the Deep State.  They would be responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.  The citizens of Ukraine, who were destitute poor before, are getting even poorer by the day.  Crimea, which always was Russia except for the formal paperwork, is now forever part of the Russian Federation.  What was the industrial portion of the country will likely become an independent republic divorced from Ukraine. Eventually, it will likely follow the wishes of the population and also become part of the Russian Federation.   We have handed that long game to Putin who can sit by and let nature take it’s course.  He will have won while barely lifting a finger.

Summary Points to Ponder;

  • The US wanted to erase Russia and it’s influence from the map and minds of Ukraine.  That required a coup (for the second time in ten years) to change the Ukrainian regime to a puppet that it could control.  The usual passive subversion and promises of cash (courting for EU membership) were not successful.  More drastic measures were needed.
  • The American Establishment and Progressives decry “nationalism” as the root of evil but were happy to amplify and exploit ethnic Ukrainian nationalism to precipitate a de facto civil war in that country.
  • The US wanted to rid Crimea of the Russian military, particularly the Black Sea Fleet based at the port of Sevastopol.  Better yet, convert Sevastopol into a NATO base.  All to squeeze Russia into a tight box and neuter its ability to defend itself in the region.
  • The US paid 1.8 billion dollars to a Burisma, a Ukrainian gas and petroleum company, to develop the gas industry.  The payment was made by USAid, the NGO that is often used as a front to funnel money to inspire or support revolutions and other dubious activities in foreign countries.
  • What if, the money never actually reached Burisma but dead-ended with PrivatBank, a large bank that the government used to disperse payroll, etc.  The money was supposed to pass through PrivatBank to Burisma.
  • What if, Burisma is not actually owned by Nikolai Zlochevsky as we are still led to believe.  But, as understood by everyone, it is actually owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, a Ukrainian oligarch who had his own private army and funded ultra-Ukrainian militias alleged to have committed war crimes.
  • PrivatBank is owned by Kolomoisky.
  • We see smatterings in Western sources that Kolomoisky is the one who operationally created the Maidan revolution.  The pro-Russians in Donbass, who were attacked by the ultra-Ukrainian militias declare that Kolomoisky not only created Maidan but is the active force behind the war in Donbass and the massacre of civilians in Odessa.
  • Why does Western mainstream media not mention Kolomoisky’s involvement in the revolution and violence?  Or that his militias have committed atrocities and war crimes.
  • Before the coup, the US State Department had planned and arranged the replacement government.
  • What if, the Obama administration and the US deep state actually paid Kolomoisky 1.8 billion dollars to carry out it’s coup and overthrow the Ukrainian government.  Further, the payment was for use of violent tactics to generate hatred for pro-Russian citizens in east Ukraine including conducting actual war and destruction in the pro-Russian regions.  That includes what has been declared to be “war crimes” by Amnesty International.
  • What if, as now appears to be true, the now-indebted replacement Ukrainian government cooperated with the Obama administration to interfere with the 2016 election to help Hillary (two Ukrainians were convicted and went to prison). 
  • What if, as it now appears, that the DNC in cooperation with the State Department, orchestrated activities in Ukraine that resulted in Paul Manafort going to prison.
  • What if, as it now appears, that the Russia collusion fraud had its origins in Ukraine.
  • Joe Biden confessed on tape that he demanded the Ukrainian General Prosecutor who was investigating the above Burisma affair be fired within six hours or “…you won’t get the money.  And son of a bitch, he got fired”.  The prosecutor declared in sworn statement that he was about to investigate Biden’s son when he was fired.
  • When the 1.8 billion dollars was supposedly paid to Burisma, Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and then Secretary of State John Kerry’s son Christopher Heinz were hired to the Board of Directors of Burisma.  Millions of dollars have been paid to Hunter Biden. 
  • What if, the hiring of Hunter Biden and Heinz were an immunization of Burisma to discourage any investigation of the deceptive money trail.
  • The replacement Ukraine General Prosecutor, who met with Biden’s approval, declared several topics to be off-limits for investigation.  Those topics include Burisma, Hunter Biden and George Soros.
  • What if, the persistence by many that Nikolai Zlochevsky, not our bad-guy oligarch colleague, still owns Burisma is a “diversion”.
  • What if, the Obama administration’s focus on “cleaning up” corruption was actually a deception to make itself look like the clean good guy when it was in fact a mechanism to cover up the corruption that it created and perpetuates.
  • What if, the investigation of Trump and the Ukraine phone call are designed to prevent anyone from looking at the true facts (just like in the Russia hoax, that would be obstruction of justice).  How ironic, the guilty administration paid 1 billion dollars to stop the investigations of itself and then tries to impeach the next administration for asking that the investigations be resumed!
  • What if, our current non-stop focus on Burisma and Hunter Biden are nothing but a “Hollow Decoy” to prevent us from looking at what is in the other hand, the bad deeds that our government has done to the Ukrainian people and who we paid to do them.

The facts as we know them support all of the above points.  No available information contradicts them.

When the US got into bed with a guy to do its dirty deeds in Ukraine, well, once released, the genie couldn’t be put back into the closet.   I think that a lot of skeletons are about to fall out of the closet.  In the end, we may be wondering why we wasted energy looking at Hunter Biden and Burisma.  I hope that William Barr does not have suicidal tendencies and that John Durham is a safe driver.

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