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Author: Chip Howard

Evictions – Phoenix Metro #2 in US

Of the 2015-2017 renters in the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale area, 5.9 percent have experienced eviction. Only Memphis outcompeted us for this dismal distinction.  Though several factors contribute to this high eviction rate, it is highly correlated to poverty, in which we also ranked second on the list. Further, 5.9% of the households in this metro area were unable to pay their rent in full at least once in the last three months. I’m not sure what else to make of this information but nothing about it is good.  The Arizona economy may be working well for some, but not all. Further information;...

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Governor Ducey shows his colors ($ GREEN $) for his closest associates. Peanuts for everyone else.

Following reports by the Arizona Republic, citizens of all sorts are infuriated to learn that the Governor gave VERY generous raises to his inner circle while teachers and the rest of the state employees got not much more than a handshake (or was that a slap). According to the Republic investigation, “At least 112 employees who work directly for Ducey have seen their salaries boosted by a few thousand dollars to $73,000.  The average raise: $16,668.” This particularly angered teachers where are the lowest or second lowest paid in the nation depending on whether they teach elementary or high school. Ducey, the “Education Governor” generously offered them 0.4% raises, although, the Legislature raised that to 1%.   Whoever said that it doesn’t pay to be Ducey’s friend, or an economic elite.  Oops, those are one in the same! Further reading;

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