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Month: August 2017

Arizona School Vouchers

AZ School Vouchers – Taking from the poor?  Or worse? If so, it is trying to go on steroids! Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA’s) is a program created by the state in 2011 to subsidize tuition for disabled children who wished to attend a more-suitable private school.  A noble mission which I completely support!  Along the way, it has been extended to students of poor-performing public schools who wish to attend one of superior quality, as well as the children of some native Americans and military personnel.  That is still a noble intent. Now, with the obvious instigation of some...

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Arizona Leadership

AZ Governor’s Leadership on Education  –  Absent  by Design Surrogates will do the dirty work! Whatever you think about the need for more or less funding for education, we rely on the Governor for leadership in this and other matters, even if it may not be well-received by everyone.  Making tough calls is his/her job and responsibility.  That is called LEADERSHIP.  A ten-year ballot proposition (Proposition 301) which added 0.5% to Arizona sales tax for the specific purpose of funding education is soon to expire.  Should it be renewed or should education loose much of its current funding?  As...

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